Best Web Site Promotion – 7 Ways to Advance in Web Site Promotion

Webmasters promote their websites for 2 major reasons, exposure and traffic. Without these, a website is deemed useless as it will not be able to generate profit for its webmaster. Thus, it is very crucial that you learn the 7 ways to advance in website promotion:

1. Domain name. Even before you introduce your website to World Wide Web, you must already think of traffic. You can effectively start by choosing a killer domain name that is easy to remember for quick recall.

2. Social networking sites. Never underestimate the traffic-generating power of MySpace, Friendster, etc. With the number of their members, they are definitely a good source of traffic.

3. Squidoo. Creating lenses for squidoo is also a good way of promoting your website. By writing quality content, you will not only be able to establish your expertise but you will also entice online users to check out your site for more information.

4. RSS. Syndicate your website so you can easily provide fresh and relevant content to your subscribers.

5. SEO. While its great to promote your site to your potential clients, its better that you start attracting search engines first so they can index your website. You can easily do this by optimizing your content through the use of keywords and building links as many as possible.

6. Article marketing. If you are aiming at getting numerous inbound links for your website in as little time as possible, go for article marketing. Just make sure that the articles you write are useful, timely, and relevant to your website.

7. Forum posting. One of the best ways to targeted website promotion is through forums or online discussions. In here, you will find your potential clients discussing their problems or issues that you can resolve by pitching your products and services.

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